NS-3 based Named Data Networking (NDN) simulator
ndnSIM: NDN, CCN, CCNx, content centric networks
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 Nns3NS-3 namespace
 NndnNdnSIM namespace
 NcsNamespace for ContentStore operations
 NerrorNamespace holding all errors from NDN.cxx API
 NfibNamespace for FIB operations
 NfwNamespace for Forwarding Strategy operations
 NpitNamespace for PIT operations
 NwireNamespace encapsulating wire operations
 CApiFaceAn application NDN face, providing richer API interface, compared to ndn::AppFace
 CAppBase class that all NDN applications should be derived from
 CAppDelayTracerTracer to obtain application-level delays
 CAppFaceImplementation of application Ndn face
 CAppHelperA helper to make it easier to instantiate an ns3::NdnConsumer Application on a set of nodes
 CBlobClass representing a general-use binary blob
 CConsumerNDN application for sending out Interest packets
 CConsumerBatchesNdn application for sending out Interest packets in batches
 CConsumerCbrNdn application for sending out Interest packets at a "constant" rate (Poisson process)
 CConsumerWindowNdn application for sending out Interest packets (window-based)
 CConsumerZipfMandelbrotNDN app requesting contents following Zipf-Mandelbrot Distbituion
 CContentStoreBase class for NDN content store
 CCsTracerNDN tracer for cache performance (hits and misses)
 CDataData header
 CDataExceptionClass for Data parsing exception
 CExcludeClass to represent Exclude component in NDN interests
 CFaceVirtual class defining NDN face
 CFaceContainerA pool for Ndn faces
 CFibClass implementing FIB functionality
 CForwardingStrategyAbstract base class for Ndn forwarding strategies
 CFwHopCountTagPacket tag that is used to track hop count for Interest-Data pairs
 CGlobalRouterClass representing global router interface for ndnSIM
 CGlobalRoutingHelperHelper for GlobalRouter interface
 CHeaderHelperClass implementing functionality to detect Ndn packet type and create the corresponding object
 CInterestNDN Interest (wire formats are defined in wire)
 CInterestExceptionClass for Interest parsing exception
 CIpFacesHelperHelper for NDN IP-based face creation
 CIpFaceStackApplication that provides functionality of creating IP-based faces on NDN nodes
 CL3AggregateTracerNDN network-layer tracer for aggregate packet counts
 CL3ProtocolImplementation network-layer of NDN stack
 CL3RateTracerNDN network-layer rate tracer
 CL3TracerBase class for network-layer (incoming/outgoing Interests and Data) tracing of NDN stack
 CLimitsAbstract class to manage Interest limits
 CLimitsRateStructure to manage limits for outstanding interests
 CLimitsWindowStructure to manage limits for outstanding interests (window-based limiting)
 CLinkControlHelperHelper class to control the up or down statuss of an NDN link connecting two specific nodes
 CLocalInfoTagPacket tag that is used to keep information about face from which packet was received
 CNameClass for NDN Name
 CNetDeviceFaceImplementation of layer-2 (Ethernet) Ndn face
 CPitClass implementing Pending Interests Table
 CProducerA simple Interest-sink applia simple Interest-sink application
 CRttEstimatorBase class for all RTT Estimators
 CRttHistoryHelper class to store RTT measurements
 CRttMeanDeviationThe modified version of "Mean--Deviation" RTT estimator, as discussed by Van Jacobson that better suits NDN communication model
 CStackHelperAdding Ndn functionality to existing Nodes
 CTcpFaceImplementation of TCP/IP NDN face
 CUdpFaceImplementation of UDP/IP NDN face
 CUnknownHeaderExceptionException thrown if NDN stack receives unrecognized message type
 CUriA helper class to convert to/from URI
 CAnnotatedTopologyReaderThis class reads annotated topology and apply settings to the corresponding nodes and links
 CBatchesClass representing sets of (time, number) tuples with support of reading writing to streams
 CCallbackBasedAppA meta application that can be used to create custom apps within Python bindings
 CIpv4AppTracerBase class for IPv4/TCP based applications
 CIpv4L3TracerBase class for IPv4 network-layer tracers
 CIpv4RateL3TracerIPv4 network-layer rate tracer
 CIpv4SeqsAppTracerHelper to track application-level sequence numbers (approximated from TCP ACKs)
 CL2RateTracerTracer to collect link-layer rate information about links
 CL2TracerLink-layer tracer
 CRocketfuelMapReaderTopology file reader and topology estimator (extension of Rocketfuel-format type)
 CRocketfuelWeightsReaderTopology file reader (extension of Rocketfuel-format type)
 CMemUsageUtility class to evaluate current usage of RAM