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ns3::ndn::fib::EntryImpl Class Reference

FIB entry implementation with with additional references to the base container. More...

#include <ndn-fib-impl.h>

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Public Types

ndnSIM::trie_with_policy< Name,
< EntryImpl >
, ndnSIM::counting_policy_traits
- Public Types inherited from ns3::ndn::fib::Entry
typedef Entry base_type

Public Member Functions

 EntryImpl (Ptr< Fib > fib, const Ptr< const Name > &prefix)
void SetTrie (trie::iterator item)
trie::iterator to_iterator ()
trie::const_iterator to_iterator () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ns3::ndn::fib::Entry
 Entry (Ptr< Fib > fib, const Ptr< const Name > &prefix)
 Constructor. More...
void UpdateStatus (Ptr< Face > face, FaceMetric::Status status)
 Update status of FIB next hop. More...
void AddOrUpdateRoutingMetric (Ptr< Face > face, int32_t metric)
 Add or update routing metric of FIB next hop. More...
void SetRealDelayToProducer (Ptr< Face > face, Time delay)
 Set real delay to the producer.
void Invalidate ()
 Invalidate face. More...
void UpdateFaceRtt (Ptr< Face > face, const Time &sample)
 Update RTT averages for the face.
const NameGetPrefix () const
 Get prefix for the FIB entry.
const FaceMetricFindBestCandidate (uint32_t skip=0) const
 Find "best route" candidate, skipping `skip' first candidates (modulo # of faces) More...
void RemoveFace (const Ptr< Face > &face)
 Remove record associated with face
Ptr< FibGetFib ()
 Get pointer to access FIB, to which this entry is added.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from ns3::ndn::fib::Entry
Ptr< Fibm_fib
 FIB to which entry is added.
Ptr< const Namem_prefix
 Prefix of the FIB entry.
FaceMetricContainer::type m_faces
 Indexed list of faces.
bool m_needsProbing
 flag indicating that probing should be performed

Detailed Description

FIB entry implementation with with additional references to the base container.

Definition at line 38 of file ndn-fib-impl.h.

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