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ns3::ndn::pit Namespace Reference

Namespace for PIT operations. More...


class  Entry
 structure for PIT entry More...
class  EntryImpl
 PIT entry implementation with additional pointers to the underlying container. More...
struct  IncomingFace
 PIT state component for each incoming interest (not including duplicates) More...
class  Lru
 PIT in which the least recently used entry (the oldest entry with minimum number of incoming faces) will be removed when PIT size reached its limit. More...
struct  OutgoingFace
 PIT state component for each outgoing interest. More...
class  Persistent
 PIT in which new entries will be rejected if PIT size reached its limit. More...
class  PitImpl
 Class implementing Pending Interests Table. More...
class  Random
 PIT in which PIT reaches its limit, random entry (could be the newly created one) will be removed from PIT. More...
class  SerializedSize
 A variant of persistent PIT implementation where size of PIT is based on size of interests in bytes (MaxSize parameter) More...


typedef multi_policy_traits
< boost::mpl::vector2
< persistent_policy_traits,
aggregate_stats_policy_traits > > 
typedef multi_policy_traits
< boost::mpl::vector2
< random_policy_traits,
aggregate_stats_policy_traits > > 
typedef multi_policy_traits
< boost::mpl::vector2
< lru_policy_traits,
aggregate_stats_policy_traits > > 
typedef multi_policy_traits
< boost::mpl::vector2
< serialized_size_policy_traits,
aggregate_stats_policy_traits > > 


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Entry &entry)
 NS_OBJECT_ENSURE_REGISTERED_TEMPL (PitImpl, persistent_policy_traits)
 NS_OBJECT_ENSURE_REGISTERED_TEMPL (PitImpl, random_policy_traits)
 NS_OBJECT_ENSURE_REGISTERED_TEMPL (PitImpl, lru_policy_traits)
 NS_OBJECT_ENSURE_REGISTERED_TEMPL (PitImpl, serialized_size_policy_traits)
 NS_OBJECT_ENSURE_REGISTERED_TEMPL (PitImpl, PersistentWithCountsTraits)
 NS_OBJECT_ENSURE_REGISTERED_TEMPL (PitImpl, SerializedSizeWithCountsTraits)

Detailed Description

Namespace for PIT operations.