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ns3::ndn::wire::CcnbParser::ContentTypeVisitor Class Reference

Visitor to obtain nonce value from BLOB block. More...

#include <content-type-visitor.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual boost::any visit (Blob &n)
 Method accepting BLOB block.
virtual boost::any visit (Udata &n)
 Throws parsing error if BLOB object is encountered.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ns3::ndn::wire::CcnbParser::NoArguDepthFirstVisitor
virtual boost::any visit (Tag &)
 Method accepting TAG block.
virtual boost::any visit (Attr &)
 Method accepting ATTR block.
virtual boost::any visit (Dtag &)
 Method accepting DTAG block.
virtual boost::any visit (Dattr &)
 Method accepting DATTR block.
virtual boost::any visit (Ext &)
 Method accepting EXT block.

Detailed Description

Visitor to obtain nonce value from BLOB block.

Note, only first 32 bits will be actually parsed into nonce. If original Nonce contains more, the rest will be ignored

Will return empty boost::any() if called on anything except BLOB block

Definition at line 40 of file content-type-visitor.h.

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