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ns3::ndn::wire::CcnbParser::Block Class Referenceabstract

Base class for ccnb-encoded node. More...

#include <block.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void accept (VoidNoArguVisitor &v)=0
 Accept visitor void(*)()
virtual void accept (VoidVisitor &v, boost::any param)=0
 Accept visitor void(*)(boost::any)
virtual boost::any accept (NoArguVisitor &v)=0
 Accept visitor boost::any(*)()
virtual boost::any accept (Visitor &v, boost::any param)=0
 Accept visitor boost::any(*)(boost::any)

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr< BlockParseBlock (Buffer::Iterator &start, bool dontParseBlock=false)
 Parsing stream (recursively) and creating a parsed BLOCK object. More...

Detailed Description

Base class for ccnb-encoded node.

This class provides a static method to create a new block (recursively) from the stream

See also

Definition at line 48 of file block.h.

Member Function Documentation

Ptr< Block > ns3::ndn::wire::CcnbParser::Block::ParseBlock ( Buffer::Iterator &  start,
bool  dontParseBlock = false 

Parsing stream (recursively) and creating a parsed BLOCK object.

startbuffer iterator pointing to the start position for parsing
dontParseBlockparameter to indicate whether the block should not be parsed, just length of the block should be consumed (e.g., in case of "cheating" with content of Data packets)
parsed ccnb-encoded block, that could contain more block inside

Huh. After fighting with NS-3, it became apparent that Create<T>(...) construct doesn't work with references. Just simply doesn't work. wtf?

Definition at line 49 of file block.cc.

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