NS-3 based Named Data Networking (NDN) simulator
ndnSIM 2.0: NDN, CCN, CCNx, content centric networks
API Documentation
nfd::ndnlp Namespace Reference


class  NdnlpData
 represents a NdnlpData packet More...
class  PartialMessage
 represents a partially received message More...
class  PartialMessageStore
 provides reassembly feature at receiver More...
class  SequenceBlock
 represents a block of sequence numbers More...
class  SequenceGenerator
 generates sequence numbers More...
class  Slicer
 provides fragmentation feature at sender More...


typedef shared_ptr< std::vector< Block > > PacketArray



Typedef Documentation

typedef shared_ptr<std::vector<Block> > nfd::ndnlp::PacketArray

Definition at line 35 of file ndnlp-slicer.hpp.

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Definition at line 32 of file ndnlp-partial-message-store.cpp.