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nfd::face::EthernetTransport Class Reference

Base class for Ethernet-based Transports. More...

#include <ethernet-transport.hpp>

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class  Error

Public Member Functions

void receivePayload (const uint8_t *payload, size_t length, const ethernet::Address &sender)
 Processes the payload of an incoming frame. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from nfd::face::Transport
 Transport ()
 constructor More...
virtual ~Transport ()
void setFaceAndLinkService (Face &face, LinkService &service)
 set Face and LinkService for Transport More...
const FacegetFace () const
const LinkServicegetLinkService () const
LinkServicegetLinkService ()
virtual const CountersgetCounters () const
void close ()
 request the transport to be closed More...
void send (Packet &&packet)
 send a link-layer packet More...
FaceUri getLocalUri () const
FaceUri getRemoteUri () const
ndn::nfd::FaceScope getScope () const
ndn::nfd::FacePersistency getPersistency () const
bool canChangePersistencyTo (ndn::nfd::FacePersistency newPersistency) const
 check whether the face persistency can be changed to newPersistency More...
void setPersistency (ndn::nfd::FacePersistency newPersistency)
 changes face persistency setting More...
ndn::nfd::LinkType getLinkType () const
ssize_t getMtu () const
ssize_t getSendQueueCapacity () const
TransportState getState () const
time::steady_clock::TimePoint getExpirationTime () const
virtual ssize_t getSendQueueLength ()

Protected Member Functions

 EthernetTransport (const ndn::net::NetworkInterface &localEndpoint, const ethernet::Address &remoteEndpoint)
void doClose () final
 performs Transport specific operations to close the transport More...
bool hasRecentlyReceived () const
void resetRecentlyReceived ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from nfd::face::Transport
void receive (Packet &&packet)
 receive a link-layer packet More...
void setLocalUri (const FaceUri &uri)
void setRemoteUri (const FaceUri &uri)
void setScope (ndn::nfd::FaceScope scope)
void setLinkType (ndn::nfd::LinkType linkType)
void setMtu (ssize_t mtu)
void setSendQueueCapacity (ssize_t sendQueueCapacity)
void setState (TransportState newState)
 set transport state More...
void setExpirationTime (const time::steady_clock::TimePoint &expirationTime)
virtual bool canChangePersistencyToImpl (ndn::nfd::FacePersistency newPersistency) const
 invoked by canChangePersistencyTo to perform the check More...
virtual void afterChangePersistency (ndn::nfd::FacePersistency oldPersistency)
 invoked after the persistency has been changed More...

Protected Attributes

boost::asio::posix::stream_descriptor m_socket
PcapHelper m_pcap
ethernet::Address m_srcAddress
ethernet::Address m_destAddress
std::string m_interfaceName
- Protected Attributes inherited from nfd::face::TransportCounters
PacketCounter nInPackets
 count of incoming packets More...
PacketCounter nOutPackets
 count of outgoing packets More...
ByteCounter nInBytes
 total incoming bytes More...
ByteCounter nOutBytes
 total outgoing bytes More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from nfd::face::Transport
typedef uint64_t EndpointId
 identifies an endpoint on the link More...
typedef TransportCounters Counters
 counters provided by Transport More...
- Public Attributes inherited from nfd::face::Transport
signal::Signal< Transport, TransportState, TransportStateafterStateChange
 signals when transport state changes More...

Detailed Description

Base class for Ethernet-based Transports.

Definition at line 40 of file ethernet-transport.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EthernetTransport()

nfd::face::EthernetTransport::EthernetTransport ( const ndn::net::NetworkInterface localEndpoint,
const ethernet::Address remoteEndpoint 

Member Function Documentation

◆ receivePayload()

void nfd::face::EthernetTransport::receivePayload ( const uint8_t *  payload,
size_t  length,
const ethernet::Address sender 

Processes the payload of an incoming frame.

payloadPointer to the first byte of data after the Ethernet header
lengthPayload length
senderSender address

Definition at line 178 of file ethernet-transport.cpp.

References ndn::ethernet::ADDR_LEN, ndn::Block::fromBuffer(), ndn::ethernet::Address::isMulticast(), m_destAddress, NFD_LOG_FACE_TRACE, NFD_LOG_FACE_WARN, nfd::face::Transport::receive(), and nfd::face::Transport::Packet::remoteEndpoint.

◆ doClose()

void nfd::face::EthernetTransport::doClose ( )

performs Transport specific operations to close the transport

This is invoked once by close() after changing state to CLOSING. It will not be invoked by Transport class if the transport is already CLOSING or CLOSED.

When the cleanup procedure is complete, this method should change state to CLOSED. This transition can happen synchronously or asynchronously.

Implements nfd::face::Transport.

Definition at line 64 of file ethernet-transport.cpp.

References nfd::face::PcapHelper::close(), nfd::face::CLOSED, nfd::getGlobalIoService(), m_pcap, m_socket, NFD_LOG_FACE_TRACE, nfd::detail::SimulatorIo::post(), and nfd::face::Transport::setState().

◆ hasRecentlyReceived()

bool nfd::face::EthernetTransport::hasRecentlyReceived ( ) const

Definition at line 71 of file ethernet-transport.hpp.

◆ resetRecentlyReceived()

void nfd::face::EthernetTransport::resetRecentlyReceived ( )

Definition at line 77 of file ethernet-transport.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_socket

boost::asio::posix::stream_descriptor nfd::face::EthernetTransport::m_socket

Definition at line 102 of file ethernet-transport.hpp.

Referenced by doClose(), and EthernetTransport().

◆ m_pcap

◆ m_srcAddress

◆ m_destAddress

◆ m_interfaceName

std::string nfd::face::EthernetTransport::m_interfaceName

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