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nfd::face::Transport Class Referenceabstract

the lower part of a Face More...

#include <transport.hpp>

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class  Packet
 stores a packet along with the remote endpoint More...

Public Types

typedef uint64_t EndpointId
 identifies an endpoint on the link More...
typedef TransportCounters Counters
 counters provided by Transport More...

Public Member Functions

 Transport ()
 constructor More...
virtual ~Transport ()
void setFaceAndLinkService (Face &face, LinkService &service)
 set Face and LinkService for Transport More...
const FacegetFace () const
const LinkServicegetLinkService () const
LinkServicegetLinkService ()
virtual const CountersgetCounters () const
void close ()
 request the transport to be closed More...
void send (Packet &&packet)
 send a link-layer packet More...
FaceUri getLocalUri () const
FaceUri getRemoteUri () const
ndn::nfd::FaceScope getScope () const
ndn::nfd::FacePersistency getPersistency () const
void setPersistency (ndn::nfd::FacePersistency persistency)
 changes face persistency setting More...
ndn::nfd::LinkType getLinkType () const
ssize_t getMtu () const
TransportState getState () const
time::steady_clock::TimePoint getExpirationTime () const

Public Attributes

signal::Signal< Transport, TransportState, TransportStateafterStateChange
 signals when transport state changes More...

Protected Member Functions

void receive (Packet &&packet)
 receive a link-layer packet More...
void setLocalUri (const FaceUri &uri)
void setRemoteUri (const FaceUri &uri)
void setScope (ndn::nfd::FaceScope scope)
void setLinkType (ndn::nfd::LinkType linkType)
void setMtu (ssize_t mtu)
void setState (TransportState newState)
 set transport state More...
void setExpirationTime (const time::steady_clock::TimePoint &expirationTime)
virtual void beforeChangePersistency (ndn::nfd::FacePersistency newPersistency)=0
 invoked before persistency is changed More...
virtual void doClose ()=0
 performs Transport specific operations to close the transport More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from nfd::face::TransportCounters
PacketCounter nInPackets
 count of incoming packets More...
PacketCounter nOutPackets
 count of outgoing packets More...
ByteCounter nInBytes
 total incoming bytes More...
ByteCounter nOutBytes
 total outgoing bytes More...

Detailed Description

the lower part of a Face

See also

Definition at line 104 of file transport.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ EndpointId

identifies an endpoint on the link

Definition at line 109 of file transport.hpp.

◆ Counters

counters provided by Transport

Definition at line 137 of file transport.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Transport()

nfd::face::Transport::Transport ( )


Transport constructor initializes static properties to invalid values. Subclass constructor must explicitly set every static property.

This constructor initializes TransportState to UP; subclass constructor can rely on this default value.

Definition at line 59 of file transport.cpp.

◆ ~Transport()

nfd::face::Transport::~Transport ( )

Definition at line 71 of file transport.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setFaceAndLinkService()

void nfd::face::Transport::setFaceAndLinkService ( Face face,
LinkService service 

set Face and LinkService for Transport

setFaceAndLinkService has not been called

Definition at line 76 of file transport.cpp.

◆ getFace()

const Face * nfd::face::Transport::getFace ( ) const
Face to which this Transport is attached

Definition at line 332 of file transport.hpp.

Referenced by nfd::face::operator<<().

◆ getLinkService() [1/2]

const LinkService * nfd::face::Transport::getLinkService ( ) const
LinkService to which this Transport is attached

Definition at line 338 of file transport.hpp.

◆ getLinkService() [2/2]

LinkService * nfd::face::Transport::getLinkService ( )
LinkService to which this Transport is attached

Definition at line 344 of file transport.hpp.

◆ getCounters()

const Transport::Counters & nfd::face::Transport::getCounters ( ) const

Reimplemented in nfd::face::WebSocketTransport.

Definition at line 350 of file transport.hpp.

◆ close()

void nfd::face::Transport::close ( )

request the transport to be closed

This operation is effective only if transport is in UP or DOWN state, otherwise it has no effect. The transport changes state to CLOSING, and performs cleanup procedure. The state will be changed to CLOSED when cleanup is complete, which may happen synchronously or asynchronously.

Definition at line 86 of file transport.cpp.

References nfd::face::CLOSING, doClose(), nfd::face::DOWN, setState(), and nfd::face::UP.

Referenced by nfd::face::UnicastUdpTransport::beforeChangePersistency().

◆ send()

void nfd::face::Transport::send ( Packet &&  packet)

send a link-layer packet

This operation has no effect if getState() is neither UP nor DOWN
undefined behavior if packet size exceeds MTU limit

Definition at line 99 of file transport.cpp.

References nfd::face::DOWN, getMtu(), getState(), nfd::face::MTU_UNLIMITED, NFD_LOG_FACE_TRACE, nfd::face::TransportCounters::nOutBytes, nfd::face::TransportCounters::nOutPackets, and nfd::face::UP.

Referenced by nfd::face::InternalClientTransport::send().

◆ receive()

◆ getLocalUri()

FaceUri nfd::face::Transport::getLocalUri ( ) const
a FaceUri representing local endpoint

Definition at line 356 of file transport.hpp.

Referenced by ns3::ndn::NetDeviceTransport::NetDeviceTransport(), nfd::face::operator<<(), and ns3::ndn::NetDeviceTransport::~NetDeviceTransport().

◆ getRemoteUri()

FaceUri nfd::face::Transport::getRemoteUri ( ) const
a FaceUri representing remote endpoint

Definition at line 368 of file transport.hpp.

Referenced by nfd::face::operator<<().

◆ getScope()

ndn::nfd::FaceScope nfd::face::Transport::getScope ( ) const
whether face is local or non-local for scope control purpose

Definition at line 380 of file transport.hpp.

◆ getPersistency()

ndn::nfd::FacePersistency nfd::face::Transport::getPersistency ( ) const

◆ setPersistency()

◆ getLinkType()

ndn::nfd::LinkType nfd::face::Transport::getLinkType ( ) const
whether face is point-to-point or multi-access

Definition at line 398 of file transport.hpp.

◆ getMtu()

ssize_t nfd::face::Transport::getMtu ( ) const
maximum payload size
Return values
MTU_UNLIMITEDtransport has no limit on payload size

This size is the maximum packet size that can be sent or received through this transport.

For a datagram-based transport, this is typically the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU), after the overhead of headers introduced by the transport has been accounted for. For a stream-based transport, this is typically unlimited (MTU_UNLIMITED).

Definition at line 410 of file transport.hpp.

Referenced by nfd::face::GenericLinkService::GenericLinkService(), receive(), and send().

◆ getState()

◆ getExpirationTime()

time::steady_clock::TimePoint nfd::face::Transport::getExpirationTime ( ) const
expiration time of the transport
Return values
time::steady_clock::TimePoint::max()the transport has indefinite lifetime

Definition at line 429 of file transport.hpp.

◆ setLocalUri()

◆ setRemoteUri()

◆ setScope()

◆ setLinkType()

◆ setMtu()

◆ setState()

void nfd::face::Transport::setState ( TransportState  newState)

◆ setExpirationTime()

void nfd::face::Transport::setExpirationTime ( const time::steady_clock::TimePoint expirationTime)

◆ beforeChangePersistency()

virtual void nfd::face::Transport::beforeChangePersistency ( ndn::nfd::FacePersistency  newPersistency)
protectedpure virtual

invoked before persistency is changed

std::invalid_argumentnew persistency is not supported
std::runtime_errortransition is disallowed

Implemented in nfd::face::WebSocketTransport, nfd::face::EthernetTransport, nfd::face::InternalForwarderTransport, nfd::face::MulticastUdpTransport, nfd::face::TcpTransport, nfd::face::UnixStreamTransport, and nfd::face::UnicastUdpTransport.

Referenced by setPersistency().

◆ doClose()

virtual void nfd::face::Transport::doClose ( )
protectedpure virtual

performs Transport specific operations to close the transport

This is invoked once by close() after changing state to CLOSING. It will not be invoked by Transport class if the transport is already CLOSING or CLOSED.

When the cleanup procedure is complete, this method should change state to CLOSED. This transition can happen synchronously or asynchronously.

Implemented in nfd::face::WebSocketTransport, nfd::face::EthernetTransport, nfd::face::InternalForwarderTransport, nfd::face::DatagramTransport< Protocol, Addressing >, nfd::face::DatagramTransport< boost::asio::ip::udp, Unicast >, nfd::face::DatagramTransport< boost::asio::ip::udp, Multicast >, nfd::face::StreamTransport< Protocol >, nfd::face::StreamTransport< boost::asio::ip::tcp >, nfd::face::StreamTransport< boost::asio::local::stream_protocol >, and nfd::face::TcpTransport.

Referenced by close().

Member Data Documentation

◆ afterStateChange

signal::Signal<Transport, TransportState, TransportState> nfd::face::Transport::afterStateChange

signals when transport state changes

Definition at line 254 of file transport.hpp.

Referenced by nfd::face::InternalClientTransport::connectToForwarder(), and setState().

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