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nfd::face::TcpTransport Class Referencefinal

A Transport that communicates on a connected TCP socket. More...

#include <tcp-transport.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 TcpTransport (protocol::socket &&socket, ndn::nfd::FacePersistency persistency)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nfd::face::StreamTransport< boost::asio::ip::tcp >
 StreamTransport (typename protocol::socket &&socket)
 Construct stream transport. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from nfd::face::Transport
 Transport ()
 constructor More...
virtual ~Transport ()
void setFaceAndLinkService (Face &face, LinkService &service)
 set Face and LinkService for Transport More...
const FacegetFace () const
const LinkServicegetLinkService () const
LinkServicegetLinkService ()
virtual const CountersgetCounters () const
void close ()
 request the transport to be closed More...
void send (Packet &&packet)
 send a link-layer packet More...
FaceUri getLocalUri () const
FaceUri getRemoteUri () const
ndn::nfd::FaceScope getScope () const
ndn::nfd::FacePersistency getPersistency () const
void setPersistency (ndn::nfd::FacePersistency persistency)
 changes face persistency setting More...
ndn::nfd::LinkType getLinkType () const
ssize_t getMtu () const
TransportState getState () const
time::steady_clock::TimePoint getExpirationTime () const

Protected Member Functions

void beforeChangePersistency (ndn::nfd::FacePersistency newPersistency) final
 invoked before persistency is changed More...
void doClose () final
 performs Transport specific operations to close the transport More...
void handleError (const boost::system::error_code &error) final
- Protected Member Functions inherited from nfd::face::StreamTransport< boost::asio::ip::tcp >
void deferredClose ()
virtual void doSend (Transport::Packet &&packet) override
 performs Transport specific operations to send a packet More...
void sendFromQueue ()
void handleSend (const boost::system::error_code &error, size_t nBytesSent)
void startReceive ()
void handleReceive (const boost::system::error_code &error, size_t nBytesReceived)
void processErrorCode (const boost::system::error_code &error)
void resetReceiveBuffer ()
void resetSendQueue ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from nfd::face::Transport
void receive (Packet &&packet)
 receive a link-layer packet More...
void setLocalUri (const FaceUri &uri)
void setRemoteUri (const FaceUri &uri)
void setScope (ndn::nfd::FaceScope scope)
void setLinkType (ndn::nfd::LinkType linkType)
void setMtu (ssize_t mtu)
void setState (TransportState newState)
 set transport state More...
void setExpirationTime (const time::steady_clock::TimePoint &expirationTime)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from nfd::face::StreamTransport< boost::asio::ip::tcp >
typedef boost::asio::ip::tcp protocol
- Public Types inherited from nfd::face::Transport
typedef uint64_t EndpointId
 identifies an endpoint on the link More...
typedef TransportCounters Counters
 counters provided by Transport More...
- Public Attributes inherited from nfd::face::Transport
signal::Signal< Transport, TransportState, TransportStateafterStateChange
 signals when transport state changes More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from nfd::face::StreamTransport< boost::asio::ip::tcp >
protocol::socket m_socket
- Protected Attributes inherited from nfd::face::TransportCounters
PacketCounter nInPackets
 count of incoming packets More...
PacketCounter nOutPackets
 count of outgoing packets More...
ByteCounter nInBytes
 total incoming bytes More...
ByteCounter nOutBytes
 total outgoing bytes More...

Detailed Description

A Transport that communicates on a connected TCP socket.

When persistency is set to permanent, whenever the TCP connection is severed, the transport state is set to DOWN, and the connection is retried periodically with exponential backoff until it is reestablished

Definition at line 42 of file tcp-transport.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TcpTransport()

Member Function Documentation

◆ beforeChangePersistency()

void nfd::face::TcpTransport::beforeChangePersistency ( ndn::nfd::FacePersistency  newPersistency)

invoked before persistency is changed

std::invalid_argumentnew persistency is not supported
std::runtime_errortransition is disallowed

Implements nfd::face::Transport.

Definition at line 59 of file tcp-transport.cpp.

References doClose(), nfd::face::DOWN, ndn::nfd::FACE_PERSISTENCY_PERMANENT, nfd::face::FAILED, nfd::face::Transport::getPersistency(), nfd::face::Transport::getState(), and nfd::face::Transport::setState().

◆ doClose()

void nfd::face::TcpTransport::doClose ( )

performs Transport specific operations to close the transport

This is invoked once by close() after changing state to CLOSING. It will not be invoked by Transport class if the transport is already CLOSING or CLOSED.

When the cleanup procedure is complete, this method should change state to CLOSED. This transition can happen synchronously or asynchronously.

Reimplemented from nfd::face::StreamTransport< boost::asio::ip::tcp >.

Definition at line 158 of file tcp-transport.cpp.

References nfd::scheduler::ScopedEventId::cancel(), and nfd::face::StreamTransport< Protocol >::doClose().

Referenced by beforeChangePersistency().

◆ handleError()

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