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nfd::fw::AccessStrategy Class Reference

Access Router Strategy version 1. More...

#include <access-strategy.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 AccessStrategy (Forwarder &forwarder, const Name &name=STRATEGY_NAME)
virtual ~AccessStrategy ()
virtual void afterReceiveInterest (const Face &inFace, const Interest &interest, shared_ptr< fib::Entry > fibEntry, shared_ptr< pit::Entry > pitEntry) 1
 trigger after Interest is received More...
virtual void beforeSatisfyInterest (shared_ptr< pit::Entry > pitEntry, const Face &inFace, const Data &data) 1
 trigger before PIT entry is satisfied More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from nfd::fw::Strategy
 Strategy (Forwarder &forwarder, const Name &name)
 construct a strategy instance More...
virtual ~Strategy ()
const NamegetName () const
 a Name that represent the Strategy program More...
virtual void beforeExpirePendingInterest (shared_ptr< pit::Entry > pitEntry)
 trigger before PIT entry expires More...

Static Public Attributes

static const Name STRATEGY_NAME

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from nfd::fw::Strategy
void sendInterest (shared_ptr< pit::Entry > pitEntry, shared_ptr< Face > outFace, bool wantNewNonce=false)
 send Interest to outFace More...
void rejectPendingInterest (shared_ptr< pit::Entry > pitEntry)
 decide that a pending Interest cannot be forwarded More...
MeasurementsAccessorgetMeasurements ()
shared_ptr< FacegetFace (FaceId id)
const FaceTablegetFaceTable ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from nfd::fw::Strategy
signal::Signal< FaceTable, shared_ptr< Face > > & afterAddFace
signal::Signal< FaceTable, shared_ptr< Face > > & beforeRemoveFace

Detailed Description

Access Router Strategy version 1.

This strategy is designed for the last hop on the NDN testbed, where each nexthop connects to a laptop, links are lossy, and FIB is mostly correct.

  1. Multicast the first Interest to all nexthops.
  2. When Data comes back, remember last working nexthop of the prefix; the granularity of this knowledge is the parent of Data Name.
  3. Forward subsequent Interests to the last working nexthop. If it doesn't respond, multicast again.

Definition at line 49 of file access-strategy.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nfd::fw::AccessStrategy::AccessStrategy ( Forwarder forwarder,
const Name name = STRATEGY_NAME 

Definition at line 37 of file access-strategy.cpp.

nfd::fw::AccessStrategy::~AccessStrategy ( )

Definition at line 44 of file access-strategy.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void nfd::fw::AccessStrategy::afterReceiveInterest ( const Face inFace,
const Interest interest,
shared_ptr< fib::Entry fibEntry,
shared_ptr< pit::Entry pitEntry 

trigger after Interest is received

The Interest:

  • does not violate Scope
  • is not looped
  • cannot be satisfied by ContentStore
  • is under a namespace managed by this strategy

The strategy should decide whether and where to forward this Interest.

  • If the strategy decides to forward this Interest, invoke this->sendInterest one or more times, either now or shortly after
  • If strategy concludes that this Interest cannot be forwarded, invoke this->rejectPendingInterest so that PIT entry will be deleted shortly
The strategy is permitted to store a weak reference to fibEntry. Do not store a shared reference, because PIT entry may be deleted at any moment. fibEntry is passed by value to allow obtaining a weak reference from it.
The strategy is permitted to store a shared reference to pitEntry. pitEntry is passed by value to reflect this fact.

Implements nfd::fw::Strategy.

Definition at line 49 of file access-strategy.cpp.

References nfd::fw::RetxSuppressionFixed::decide(), nfd::fw::RetxSuppression::FORWARD, nfd::fw::Strategy::getFace(), nfd::Face::getId(), nfd::INVALID_FACEID, nfd::fw::RetxSuppression::NEW, NFD_LOG_DEBUG, nfd::scheduler::schedule(), nfd::fw::Strategy::sendInterest(), and nfd::fw::RetxSuppression::SUPPRESS.

void nfd::fw::AccessStrategy::beforeSatisfyInterest ( shared_ptr< pit::Entry pitEntry,
const Face inFace,
const Data data 

trigger before PIT entry is satisfied

This trigger is invoked when an incoming Data satisfies the PIT entry. It can be invoked even if the PIT entry has already been satisfied.

In this base class this method does nothing.

The strategy is permitted to store a shared reference to pitEntry. pitEntry is passed by value to reflect this fact.

Reimplemented from nfd::fw::Strategy.

Definition at line 189 of file access-strategy.cpp.

References nfd::MeasurementsAccessor::extendLifetime(), nfd::MeasurementsAccessor::findLongestPrefixMatch(), nfd::MeasurementsAccessor::get(), nfd::Face::getId(), nfd::fw::Strategy::getMeasurements(), ndn::Data::getName(), ndn::Name::getPrefix(), nfd::INVALID_FACEID, ns3::ndn::Name, NFD_LOG_DEBUG, ndn::time::steady_clock::now(), and ndn::Name::size().

Member Data Documentation

const Name nfd::fw::AccessStrategy::STRATEGY_NAME

Definition at line 166 of file access-strategy.hpp.

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