NS-3 based Named Data Networking (NDN) simulator
ndnSIM 2.5: NDN, CCN, CCNx, content centric networks
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nonstd::span_lite::std11 Namespace Reference


struct  integral_constant
struct  is_same
struct  is_same< T, T >
struct  is_signed
struct  is_signed< signed char >
struct  is_signed< signed int >
struct  is_signed< signed long >
struct  remove_const
struct  remove_const< T const >
struct  remove_cv
struct  remove_volatile
struct  remove_volatile< T volatile >


typedef integral_constant< bool, true > true_type
typedef integral_constant< bool, false > false_type

Typedef Documentation

◆ true_type

Definition at line 615 of file span-lite.hpp.

◆ false_type

Definition at line 616 of file span-lite.hpp.