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face-common.hpp File Reference
#include "core/common.hpp"
#include "common/logger.hpp"
#include <ndn-cxx/encoding/nfd-constants.hpp>
#include <boost/logic/tribool.hpp>
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struct  nfd::face::FaceParams
 Parameters used to set Transport properties or LinkService options on a newly created face. More...
class  nfd::face::FaceLogHelper< T >
 For internal use by FaceLogging macros. More...


 Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Regents of the University of California.


 Log a message at TRACE level. More...
 Log a message at DEBUG level. More...
#define NFD_LOG_FACE_INFO(msg)   NFD_LOG_FACE(INFO, msg)
 Log a message at INFO level. More...
#define NFD_LOG_FACE_WARN(msg)   NFD_LOG_FACE(WARN, msg)
 Log a message at WARN level. More...
 Log a message at ERROR level. More...


using nfd::face::FaceId = uint64_t
 Identifies a face. More...
using nfd::face::EndpointId = uint64_t
 Identifies a remote endpoint on the link. More...


const FaceId nfd::face::INVALID_FACEID = ndn::nfd::INVALID_FACE_ID
 indicates an invalid FaceId More...
const FaceId nfd::face::FACEID_INTERNAL_FACE = 1
 identifies the InternalFace used in management More...
const FaceId nfd::face::FACEID_CONTENT_STORE = 254
 identifies a packet comes from the ContentStore More...
const FaceId nfd::face::FACEID_NULL = 255
 identifies the NullFace that drops every packet More...
const FaceId nfd::face::FACEID_RESERVED_MAX = 255
 upper bound of reserved FaceIds More...