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nfd::face::FaceParams Struct Reference

Parameters used to set Transport properties or LinkService options on a newly created face. More...

#include <face-common.hpp>

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Public Attributes

ndn::nfd::FacePersistency persistency = ndn::nfd::FACE_PERSISTENCY_PERSISTENT
optional< time::nanoseconds > baseCongestionMarkingInterval
optional< uint64_t > defaultCongestionThreshold
optional< ssize_t > mtu
bool wantLocalFields = false
bool wantLpReliability = false
boost::logic::tribool wantCongestionMarking = boost::logic::indeterminate

Detailed Description

Parameters used to set Transport properties or LinkService options on a newly created face.

Parameters are passed as a struct rather than individually, so that a future change in the list of parameters does not require an update to the method signature in all subclasses.

Definition at line 72 of file face-common.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ persistency

Definition at line 74 of file face-common.hpp.

◆ baseCongestionMarkingInterval

optional<time::nanoseconds> nfd::face::FaceParams::baseCongestionMarkingInterval

Definition at line 75 of file face-common.hpp.

◆ defaultCongestionThreshold

optional<uint64_t> nfd::face::FaceParams::defaultCongestionThreshold

Definition at line 76 of file face-common.hpp.

◆ mtu

optional<ssize_t> nfd::face::FaceParams::mtu

Definition at line 77 of file face-common.hpp.

◆ wantLocalFields

bool nfd::face::FaceParams::wantLocalFields = false

Definition at line 78 of file face-common.hpp.

◆ wantLpReliability

bool nfd::face::FaceParams::wantLpReliability = false

Definition at line 79 of file face-common.hpp.

◆ wantCongestionMarking

boost::logic::tribool nfd::face::FaceParams::wantCongestionMarking = boost::logic::indeterminate

Definition at line 80 of file face-common.hpp.

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