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ns3::ndn::AppLinkService Class Reference

Implementation of LinkService for ndnSIM application. More...

#include <ndn-app-link-service.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 AppLinkService (Ptr< App > app)
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~AppLinkService ()
void onReceiveInterest (const Interest &interest)
void onReceiveData (const Data &data)
void onReceiveNack (const lp::Nack &nack)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nfd::face::LinkService
 LinkService ()
virtual ~LinkService ()
void setFaceAndTransport (Face &face, Transport &transport)
 set Face and Transport for LinkService More...
const FacegetFace () const
const TransportgetTransport () const
TransportgetTransport ()
virtual const CountersgetCounters () const
virtual ssize_t getEffectiveMtu () const
void sendInterest (const Interest &interest)
 Send Interest. More...
void sendData (const Data &data)
 Send Data. More...
void sendNack (const ndn::lp::Nack &nack)
 Send Nack. More...
void receivePacket (const Block &packet, const EndpointId &endpoint)
 performs LinkService specific operations to receive a lower-layer packet More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from nfd::face::LinkService
typedef LinkServiceCounters Counters
 counters provided by LinkService More...
- Public Attributes inherited from nfd::face::LinkService
signal::Signal< LinkService, Interest, EndpointIdafterReceiveInterest
 signals on Interest received More...
signal::Signal< LinkService, Data, EndpointIdafterReceiveData
 signals on Data received More...
signal::Signal< LinkService, lp::Nack, EndpointIdafterReceiveNack
 signals on Nack received More...
signal::Signal< LinkService, InterestonDroppedInterest
 signals on Interest dropped by reliability system for exceeding allowed number of retx More...
signal::Signal< LinkService, InterestafterSendInterest
 signals on Interest sent More...
signal::Signal< LinkService, DataafterSendData
 signals on Data sent More...
signal::Signal< LinkService, lp::NackafterSendNack
 signals on Nack sent More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from nfd::face::LinkService
void receiveInterest (const Interest &interest, const EndpointId &endpoint)
 delivers received Interest to forwarding More...
void receiveData (const Data &data, const EndpointId &endpoint)
 delivers received Data to forwarding More...
void receiveNack (const lp::Nack &nack, const EndpointId &endpoint)
 delivers received Nack to forwarding More...
void sendPacket (const Block &packet)
 send a lower-layer packet via Transport More...
void notifyDroppedInterest (const Interest &packet)
- Protected Attributes inherited from nfd::face::LinkServiceCounters
PacketCounter nInInterests
 count of incoming Interests More...
PacketCounter nOutInterests
 count of outgoing Interests More...
PacketCounter nInterestsExceededRetx
 count of Interests dropped by reliability system for exceeding allowed number of retx More...
PacketCounter nInData
 count of incoming Data packets More...
PacketCounter nOutData
 count of outgoing Data packets More...
PacketCounter nInNacks
 count of incoming Nacks More...
PacketCounter nOutNacks
 count of outgoing Nacks More...

Detailed Description

Implementation of LinkService for ndnSIM application.

See also

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AppLinkService()

ns3::ndn::AppLinkService::AppLinkService ( Ptr< App app)

Default constructor.

Definition at line 35 of file ndn-app-link-service.cpp.

◆ ~AppLinkService()

ns3::ndn::AppLinkService::~AppLinkService ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ onReceiveInterest()

void ns3::ndn::AppLinkService::onReceiveInterest ( const Interest &  interest)

◆ onReceiveData()

void ns3::ndn::AppLinkService::onReceiveData ( const Data &  data)

◆ onReceiveNack()

void ns3::ndn::AppLinkService::onReceiveNack ( const lp::Nack nack)

Definition at line 91 of file ndn-app-link-service.cpp.

References nfd::face::LinkService::receiveNack().

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