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ndn::security::pib::Pib Class Reference

represents the PIB More...

#include <pib.hpp>

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class  Error
 represents a semantic error More...

Public Member Functions

 ~Pib ()
std::string getScheme () const
 return the scheme of the PIB Locator More...
std::string getPibLocator () const
 Get PIB Locator. More...
void setTpmLocator (const std::string &tpmLocator)
 Set the corresponding TPM information to tpmLocator. More...
std::string getTpmLocator () const
 Get TPM Locator. More...
void reset ()
 Reset content in PIB, including reset of the TPM locator. More...
Identity getIdentity (const Name &identityName) const
 Get an identity with name identityName. More...
const IdentityContainergetIdentities () const
 Get all the identities. More...
const IdentitygetDefaultIdentity () const
 Get the default identity. More...
Identity addIdentity (const Name &identity)
 Add an identity. More...
void removeIdentity (const Name &identity)
 Remove an identity. More...
const IdentitysetDefaultIdentity (const Name &identity)
 Set an identity as the default identity. More...
shared_ptr< PibImplgetImpl ()

Public Attributes

NDN_CXX_PUBLIC_WITH_TESTS_ELSE_PRIVATE __pad0__: Pib(const std::string& scheme
NDN_CXX_PUBLIC_WITH_TESTS_ELSE_PRIVATE const std::string & location
NDN_CXX_PUBLIC_WITH_TESTS_ELSE_PRIVATE const std::string shared_ptr< PibImplimpl

Protected Attributes

std::string m_scheme
std::string m_location
bool m_isDefaultIdentityLoaded
Identity m_defaultIdentity
IdentityContainer m_identities
shared_ptr< PibImplm_impl


class v2::KeyChain

Detailed Description

represents the PIB

The PIB (Public Information Base) stores the public portion of a user's cryptography keys. The format and location of stored information is indicated by the PibLocator. The PIB is designed to work with a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) which stores private keys. There is a one-to-one association between PIB and TPM, and therefore the TpmLocator is recorded by the PIB to enforce this association and prevent one from operating on mismatched PIB and TPM.

Information in the PIB is organized in a hierarchy of Identity-Key-Certificate. At the top level, the Pib class provides access to identities, and allows setting a default identity. Properties of an identity can be accessed after obtaining an Identity object.

Pib instance is created and managed only by v2::KeyChain. v2::KeyChain::getPib() returns a const reference to the managed Pib instance, through which it is possible to retrieve information about identities, keys, and certificates.
PibImpl::Errorwhen underlying implementation has non-semantic error.

Definition at line 52 of file pib.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~Pib()

ndn::security::pib::Pib::~Pib ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getScheme()

std::string ndn::security::pib::Pib::getScheme ( ) const

return the scheme of the PIB Locator

Definition at line 69 of file pib.hpp.

References m_scheme.

◆ getPibLocator()

std::string ndn::security::pib::Pib::getPibLocator ( ) const

Get PIB Locator.

Definition at line 45 of file pib.cpp.

References m_location, and m_scheme.

◆ setTpmLocator()

void ndn::security::pib::Pib::setTpmLocator ( const std::string &  tpmLocator)

Set the corresponding TPM information to tpmLocator.

If the provided tpmLocator is different from the existing one, PIB will be reset. Otherwise, nothing will be changed.

Definition at line 51 of file pib.cpp.

References m_impl, and reset().

◆ getTpmLocator()

std::string ndn::security::pib::Pib::getTpmLocator ( ) const

Get TPM Locator.

Errorif TPM locator is empty

Definition at line 61 of file pib.cpp.

References m_impl.

◆ reset()

void ndn::security::pib::Pib::reset ( )

Reset content in PIB, including reset of the TPM locator.

Definition at line 71 of file pib.cpp.

References m_identities, m_impl, m_isDefaultIdentityLoaded, and ndn::security::pib::IdentityContainer::reset().

Referenced by setTpmLocator().

◆ getIdentity()

Identity ndn::security::pib::Pib::getIdentity ( const Name identityName) const

Get an identity with name identityName.

Pib::Errorif the identity does not exist.

Definition at line 100 of file pib.cpp.

References ndn::security::pib::IdentityContainer::get(), ndn::security::pib::IdentityContainer::isConsistent(), and m_identities.

◆ getIdentities()

const IdentityContainer & ndn::security::pib::Pib::getIdentities ( ) const

Get all the identities.

Definition at line 108 of file pib.cpp.

References ndn::security::pib::IdentityContainer::isConsistent(), and m_identities.

Referenced by nfd::rib::HostToGatewayReadvertisePolicy::handleNewRoute().

◆ getDefaultIdentity()

const Identity & ndn::security::pib::Pib::getDefaultIdentity ( ) const

◆ addIdentity()

Identity ndn::security::pib::Pib::addIdentity ( const Name identity)

Add an identity.

If no default identity is set before, the new identity will be set as the default identity

handle of the added identity.

Definition at line 80 of file pib.cpp.

References ndn::security::pib::IdentityContainer::add(), ndn::security::pib::IdentityContainer::isConsistent(), and m_identities.

◆ removeIdentity()

void ndn::security::pib::Pib::removeIdentity ( const Name identity)

Remove an identity.

If the default identity is being removed, no default identity will be selected.

Definition at line 88 of file pib.cpp.

References ndn::security::pib::Identity::getName(), ndn::security::pib::IdentityContainer::isConsistent(), m_defaultIdentity, m_identities, m_isDefaultIdentityLoaded, and ndn::security::pib::IdentityContainer::remove().

◆ setDefaultIdentity()

const Identity & ndn::security::pib::Pib::setDefaultIdentity ( const Name identity)

Set an identity as the default identity.

Create the identity if it does not exist.

handle of the default identity

Definition at line 116 of file pib.cpp.

References ndn::security::pib::IdentityContainer::add(), ndn::security::pib::IdentityContainer::isConsistent(), m_defaultIdentity, m_identities, m_impl, m_isDefaultIdentityLoaded, and NDN_LOG_DEBUG.

◆ getImpl()

shared_ptr<PibImpl> ndn::security::pib::Pib::getImpl ( )

Definition at line 161 of file pib.hpp.

References m_impl.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ v2::KeyChain

friend class v2::KeyChain

Definition at line 177 of file pib.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ __pad0__

NDN_CXX_PUBLIC_WITH_TESTS_ELSE_PRIVATE ndn::security::pib::Pib::__pad0__

Definition at line 130 of file pib.hpp.

◆ location

NDN_CXX_PUBLIC_WITH_TESTS_ELSE_PRIVATE const std::string& ndn::security::pib::Pib::location

Definition at line 130 of file pib.hpp.

◆ impl

NDN_CXX_PUBLIC_WITH_TESTS_ELSE_PRIVATE const std::string shared_ptr<PibImpl> ndn::security::pib::Pib::impl

Definition at line 130 of file pib.hpp.

◆ m_scheme

std::string ndn::security::pib::Pib::m_scheme

Definition at line 167 of file pib.hpp.

Referenced by getPibLocator(), and getScheme().

◆ m_location

std::string ndn::security::pib::Pib::m_location

Definition at line 168 of file pib.hpp.

Referenced by getPibLocator().

◆ m_isDefaultIdentityLoaded

bool ndn::security::pib::Pib::m_isDefaultIdentityLoaded

Definition at line 170 of file pib.hpp.

Referenced by getDefaultIdentity(), removeIdentity(), reset(), and setDefaultIdentity().

◆ m_defaultIdentity

Identity ndn::security::pib::Pib::m_defaultIdentity

Definition at line 171 of file pib.hpp.

Referenced by getDefaultIdentity(), removeIdentity(), and setDefaultIdentity().

◆ m_identities

IdentityContainer ndn::security::pib::Pib::m_identities

◆ m_impl

shared_ptr<PibImpl> ndn::security::pib::Pib::m_impl

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