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algorithm.hpp File Reference

This file contains common algorithms used by forwarding strategies. More...

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 Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Regents of the University of California.
 contain name prefixes that affect namespace-based scope control


enum  nfd::fw::DuplicateNonceWhere {
  nfd::fw::DUPLICATE_NONCE_NONE = 0, nfd::fw::DUPLICATE_NONCE_IN_SAME = (1 << 0), nfd::fw::DUPLICATE_NONCE_IN_OTHER = (1 << 1), nfd::fw::DUPLICATE_NONCE_OUT_SAME = (1 << 2),
  nfd::fw::DUPLICATE_NONCE_OUT_OTHER = (1 << 3)
 indicates where duplicate Nonces are found More...


bool nfd::fw::wouldViolateScope (const Face &inFace, const Interest &interest, const Face &outFace)
 determine whether forwarding the Interest in pitEntry to outFace would violate scope More...
bool nfd::fw::canForwardToLegacy (const pit::Entry &pitEntry, const Face &face)
 decide whether Interest can be forwarded to face More...
int nfd::fw::findDuplicateNonce (const pit::Entry &pitEntry, uint32_t nonce, const Face &face)
 determine whether pitEntry has duplicate Nonce nonce More...
bool nfd::fw::hasPendingOutRecords (const pit::Entry &pitEntry)
 determine whether pitEntry has any pending out-records More...
time::steady_clock::TimePoint nfd::fw::getLastOutgoing (const pit::Entry &pitEntry)

Detailed Description

This file contains common algorithms used by forwarding strategies.

Definition in file algorithm.hpp.