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ndn::lp::Packet Class Reference

#include <packet.hpp>


class  Error

Public Member Functions

 Packet ()
 Packet (const Block &wire)
Block wireEncode () const
 encode packet into wire format More...
void wireDecode (const Block &wire)
 decode packet from wire format More...
bool empty () const
template<typename FIELD >
bool has () const
template<typename FIELD >
size_t count () const
template<typename FIELD >
FIELD::ValueType get (size_t index=0) const
template<typename FIELD >
std::vector< typename FIELD::ValueType > list () const
template<typename FIELD >
Packetset (const typename FIELD::ValueType &value)
 remove all occurrences of FIELD, and add a FIELD with value More...
template<typename FIELD >
Packetadd (const typename FIELD::ValueType &value)
 add a FIELD with value More...
template<typename FIELD >
Packetremove (size_t index=0)
 remove the index-th occurrence of FIELD More...
template<typename FIELD >
Packetclear ()
 remove all occurrences of FIELD More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file packet.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Packet() [1/2]

ndn::lp::Packet::Packet ( )

Definition at line 120 of file packet.cpp.

◆ Packet() [2/2]

ndn::lp::Packet::Packet ( const Block wire)

Definition at line 125 of file packet.cpp.

References wireDecode().

Member Function Documentation

◆ wireEncode()

Block ndn::lp::Packet::wireEncode ( ) const

encode packet into wire format

Definition at line 131 of file packet.cpp.

References ndn::Block::elements(), and ndn::Block::encode().

Referenced by nfd::face::LpFragmenter::fragmentPacket(), and nfd::face::LpReliability::piggyback().

◆ wireDecode()

void ndn::lp::Packet::wireDecode ( const Block wire)

decode packet from wire format

Errorunknown TLV-TYPE

Definition at line 145 of file packet.cpp.

References ndn::Block::begin(), ndn::tlv::Data, ndn::Block::elements(), ndn::Block::end(), ndn::tlv::Interest, ndn::lp::tlv::LpPacket, ndn::Block::parse(), ndn::to_string(), and ndn::Block::type().

Referenced by Packet().

◆ empty()

bool ndn::lp::Packet::empty ( ) const
Return values
truepacket has no field
falsepacket has one or more fields

Definition at line 66 of file packet.hpp.

References ndn::Block::elements_size().

◆ has()

template<typename FIELD >
bool ndn::lp::Packet::has ( ) const

◆ count()

template<typename FIELD >
size_t ndn::lp::Packet::count ( ) const
number of occurrences of FIELD

Definition at line 88 of file packet.hpp.

References ndn::Block::elements_begin(), and ndn::Block::elements_end().

Referenced by get(), and remove().

◆ get()

template<typename FIELD >
FIELD::ValueType ndn::lp::Packet::get ( size_t  index = 0) const

◆ list()

template<typename FIELD >
std::vector<typename FIELD::ValueType> ndn::lp::Packet::list ( ) const
values of all occurrences of FIELD

Definition at line 121 of file packet.hpp.

References ndn::Block::elements().

Referenced by nfd::face::LpReliability::processIncomingPacket().

◆ set()

template<typename FIELD >
Packet& ndn::lp::Packet::set ( const typename FIELD::ValueType &  value)

remove all occurrences of FIELD, and add a FIELD with value

This equivalent to clear() followed by add(value)

Definition at line 141 of file packet.hpp.

Referenced by nfd::face::LpFragmenter::fragmentPacket().

◆ add()

template<typename FIELD >
Packet& ndn::lp::Packet::add ( const typename FIELD::ValueType &  value)

add a FIELD with value

std::length_errorif field already exists and is not repeatable

Definition at line 153 of file packet.hpp.

References ndn::Block::elements_begin(), ndn::Block::elements_end(), and ndn::Block::insert().

Referenced by ndn::addFieldFromTag(), face::Face::Impl::asyncPutNack(), nfd::face::LpFragmenter::fragmentPacket(), nfd::face::LpReliability::piggyback(), and ndn::util::DummyClientFace::receive().

◆ remove()

template<typename FIELD >
Packet& ndn::lp::Packet::remove ( size_t  index = 0)

remove the index-th occurrence of FIELD

std::out_of_rangeif index>=count()

Definition at line 178 of file packet.hpp.

References count(), ndn::Block::elements_begin(), ndn::Block::elements_end(), and ndn::Block::erase().

◆ clear()

template<typename FIELD >
Packet& ndn::lp::Packet::clear ( )

remove all occurrences of FIELD

Definition at line 199 of file packet.hpp.

References ndn::Block::remove().

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