NS-3 based Named Data Networking (NDN) simulator
ndnSIM 2.5: NDN, CCN, CCNx, content centric networks
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ndn::util Namespace Reference




class  CFReleaser
 Helper class to wrap CoreFoundation object pointers. More...
class  DummyClientFace
 a client-side face for unit testing More...
class  IndentedStream
 Output to stream with specified indent or prefix. More...
class  NotificationStream
 provides a publisher of Notification Stream More...
class  NotificationSubscriber
 provides a subscriber of Notification Stream More...
class  NotificationSubscriberBase
class  SegmentFetcher
 Utility class to fetch latest version of the segmented data. More...
class  Sha256
 Provides stateful SHA-256 digest calculation. More...
class  Sqlite3Statement
 wrap an SQLite3 prepared statement More...


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, Sha256 &digest)

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std::ostream & ndn::util::operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
Sha256 digest 

Definition at line 144 of file sha256.cpp.

References ndn::util::Sha256::computeDigest(), and ndn::printHex().