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nfd::face::LinkServiceCounters Class Reference

counters provided by LinkService More...

#include <link-service.hpp>

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Public Attributes

PacketCounter nInInterests
 count of incoming Interests More...
PacketCounter nOutInterests
 count of outgoing Interests More...
PacketCounter nInData
 count of incoming Data More...
PacketCounter nOutData
 count of outgoing Data More...
PacketCounter nInNacks
 count of incoming Nacks More...
PacketCounter nOutNacks
 count of outgoing Nacks More...

Detailed Description

counters provided by LinkService

The type name 'LinkServiceCounters' is implementation detail. Use 'LinkService::Counters' in public API.

Definition at line 42 of file link-service.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ nInInterests

PacketCounter nfd::face::LinkServiceCounters::nInInterests

count of incoming Interests

Definition at line 47 of file link-service.hpp.

Referenced by nfd::face::LinkService::receiveInterest().

◆ nOutInterests

PacketCounter nfd::face::LinkServiceCounters::nOutInterests

count of outgoing Interests

Definition at line 51 of file link-service.hpp.

Referenced by nfd::face::LinkService::sendInterest().

◆ nInData

PacketCounter nfd::face::LinkServiceCounters::nInData

count of incoming Data

Definition at line 55 of file link-service.hpp.

Referenced by nfd::face::LinkService::receiveData().

◆ nOutData

PacketCounter nfd::face::LinkServiceCounters::nOutData

count of outgoing Data

Definition at line 59 of file link-service.hpp.

Referenced by nfd::face::LinkService::sendData().

◆ nInNacks

PacketCounter nfd::face::LinkServiceCounters::nInNacks

count of incoming Nacks

Definition at line 63 of file link-service.hpp.

Referenced by nfd::face::LinkService::receiveNack().

◆ nOutNacks

PacketCounter nfd::face::LinkServiceCounters::nOutNacks

count of outgoing Nacks

Definition at line 67 of file link-service.hpp.

Referenced by nfd::face::LinkService::sendNack().

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