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ndn::time::system_clock Class Reference

System clock. More...

#include <time.hpp>

Public Types

typedef duration::rep rep
typedef duration::period period
typedef boost::chrono::time_point< system_clocktime_point
typedef time_point TimePoint
typedef duration Duration

Static Public Member Functions

static time_point now () noexcept
static std::time_t to_time_t (const time_point &t) noexcept
static time_point from_time_t (std::time_t t) noexcept

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr bool is_steady = false

Detailed Description

System clock.

System clock represents the system-wide real time wall clock.

It may not be monotonic: on most systems, the system time can be adjusted at any moment. It is the only clock that has the ability to be displayed and converted to/from UNIX timestamp.

To get current TimePoint:

system_clock::TimePoint now = system_clock::now();

To convert TimePoint to/from UNIX timestamp:

system_clock::TimePoint time = ...; uint64_t timestampInMilliseconds = toUnixTimestamp(time).count(); system_clock::TimePoint time2 = fromUnixTimestamp(milliseconds(timestampInMilliseconds));

Definition at line 81 of file time.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ duration

typedef BOOST_SYSTEM_CLOCK_DURATION ndn::time::system_clock::duration

Definition at line 84 of file time.hpp.

◆ rep

typedef duration::rep ndn::time::system_clock::rep

Definition at line 85 of file time.hpp.

◆ period

typedef duration::period ndn::time::system_clock::period

Definition at line 86 of file time.hpp.

◆ time_point

typedef boost::chrono::time_point<system_clock> ndn::time::system_clock::time_point

Definition at line 87 of file time.hpp.

◆ TimePoint

Definition at line 90 of file time.hpp.

◆ Duration

Definition at line 91 of file time.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ now()

◆ to_time_t()

std::time_t ndn::time::system_clock::to_time_t ( const time_point t)

Definition at line 57 of file time.cpp.

Referenced by ndn::time::toIsoString(), and ndn::time::toString().

◆ from_time_t()

system_clock::time_point ndn::time::system_clock::from_time_t ( std::time_t  t)

Member Data Documentation

◆ is_steady

constexpr bool ndn::time::system_clock::is_steady = false

Definition at line 88 of file time.hpp.

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