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nfd::fw::BestRouteStrategy2 Class Reference

Best Route strategy version 3. More...

#include <best-route-strategy2.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 BestRouteStrategy2 (Forwarder &forwarder, const Name &name=STRATEGY_NAME)
virtual void afterReceiveInterest (const Face &inFace, const Interest &interest, shared_ptr< fib::Entry > fibEntry, shared_ptr< pit::Entry > pitEntry) 1
 trigger after Interest is received More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from nfd::fw::Strategy
 Strategy (Forwarder &forwarder, const Name &name)
 construct a strategy instance More...
virtual ~Strategy ()
const NamegetName () const
 a Name that represent the Strategy program More...
virtual void beforeSatisfyInterest (shared_ptr< pit::Entry > pitEntry, const Face &inFace, const Data &data)
 trigger before PIT entry is satisfied More...
virtual void beforeExpirePendingInterest (shared_ptr< pit::Entry > pitEntry)
 trigger before PIT entry expires More...

Static Public Attributes

static const Name STRATEGY_NAME

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from nfd::fw::Strategy
void sendInterest (shared_ptr< pit::Entry > pitEntry, shared_ptr< Face > outFace, bool wantNewNonce=false)
 send Interest to outFace More...
void rejectPendingInterest (shared_ptr< pit::Entry > pitEntry)
 decide that a pending Interest cannot be forwarded More...
MeasurementsAccessorgetMeasurements ()
shared_ptr< FacegetFace (FaceId id)
const FaceTablegetFaceTable ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from nfd::fw::Strategy
signal::Signal< FaceTable, shared_ptr< Face > > & afterAddFace
signal::Signal< FaceTable, shared_ptr< Face > > & beforeRemoveFace

Detailed Description

Best Route strategy version 3.

This strategy forwards a new Interest to the lowest-cost nexthop (except downstream). After that, if consumer retransmits the Interest (and is not suppressed according to exponential backoff algorithm), the strategy forwards the Interest again to the lowest-cost nexthop (except downstream) that is not previously used. If all nexthops have been used, the strategy starts over.

Definition at line 43 of file best-route-strategy2.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nfd::fw::BestRouteStrategy2::BestRouteStrategy2 ( Forwarder forwarder,
const Name name = STRATEGY_NAME 

Definition at line 37 of file best-route-strategy2.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void nfd::fw::BestRouteStrategy2::afterReceiveInterest ( const Face inFace,
const Interest interest,
shared_ptr< fib::Entry fibEntry,
shared_ptr< pit::Entry pitEntry 

trigger after Interest is received

The Interest:

  • does not violate Scope
  • is not looped
  • cannot be satisfied by ContentStore
  • is under a namespace managed by this strategy

The strategy should decide whether and where to forward this Interest.

  • If the strategy decides to forward this Interest, invoke this->sendInterest one or more times, either now or shortly after
  • If strategy concludes that this Interest cannot be forwarded, invoke this->rejectPendingInterest so that PIT entry will be deleted shortly
The strategy is permitted to store a weak reference to fibEntry. Do not store a shared reference, because PIT entry may be deleted at any moment. fibEntry is passed by value to allow obtaining a weak reference from it.
The strategy is permitted to store a shared reference to pitEntry. pitEntry is passed by value to reflect this fact.

Implements nfd::fw::Strategy.

Definition at line 99 of file best-route-strategy2.cpp.

References nfd::fw::RetxSuppressionExponential::decide(), nfd::fw::findEligibleNextHopWithEarliestOutRecord(), nfd::Face::getId(), nfd::fw::RetxSuppression::NEW, NFD_LOG_DEBUG, ndn::time::steady_clock::now(), nfd::fw::predicate_NextHop_eligible(), nfd::fw::Strategy::rejectPendingInterest(), nfd::fw::Strategy::sendInterest(), and nfd::fw::RetxSuppression::SUPPRESS.

Member Data Documentation

const Name nfd::fw::BestRouteStrategy2::STRATEGY_NAME

Definition at line 55 of file best-route-strategy2.hpp.

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