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ndn::mgmt::StatusDatasetContext Class Reference

#include <status-dataset-context.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

const NamegetPrefix () const
StatusDatasetContextsetPrefix (const Name &prefix)
 change prefix of Data packets More...
const time::milliseconds & getExpiry () const
StatusDatasetContextsetExpiry (const time::milliseconds &expiry)
 set expiration duration More...
void append (const Block &block)
 append a Block to the response More...
void end ()
 end the response successfully after appending zero or more blocks More...
void reject (const ControlResponse &resp=ControlResponse().setCode(400))
 declare the non-existence of a response More...
 StatusDatasetContext (const Interest &interest, const DataSender &dataSender)

Public Attributes

NDN_CXX_PUBLIC_WITH_TESTS_ELSE_PRIVATE __pad0__: typedef std::function<void(const Name& dataName
NDN_CXX_PUBLIC_WITH_TESTS_ELSE_PRIVATE const Block const MetaInfo &metaInfo DataSender


class Dispatcher

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file status-dataset-context.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ndn::mgmt::StatusDatasetContext::StatusDatasetContext ( const Interest interest,
const DataSender dataSender 

Definition at line 126 of file status-dataset-context.cpp.

References ndn::Interest::getName(), and setPrefix().

Member Function Documentation

const Name & ndn::mgmt::StatusDatasetContext::getPrefix ( ) const
prefix of Data packets, with version component but without segment component

Definition at line 34 of file status-dataset-context.cpp.

StatusDatasetContext & ndn::mgmt::StatusDatasetContext::setPrefix ( const Name prefix)

change prefix of Data packets

prefixthe prefix; it must start with Interest Name, may contain version component, but must not contain segment component
std::invalid_argumentprefix does not start with Interest Name
std::domain_errorappend, end, or reject has been invoked

StatusDatasetHandler may change the prefix of Data packets with this method, before sending any response. The version component is optional, and will be generated from current timestamp when omitted.

Definition at line 40 of file status-dataset-context.cpp.

References ndn::Name::appendVersion(), ndn::Interest::getName(), and ndn::Name::isPrefixOf().

Referenced by StatusDatasetContext().

const time::milliseconds & ndn::mgmt::StatusDatasetContext::getExpiry ( ) const
expiration duration for this dataset response

Definition at line 60 of file status-dataset-context.cpp.

StatusDatasetContext & ndn::mgmt::StatusDatasetContext::setExpiry ( const time::milliseconds &  expiry)

set expiration duration

The response will be cached for the specified duration. Incoming Interest that matches a cached response will be satisfied with that response, without invoking StatusDatasetHandler again.

Definition at line 66 of file status-dataset-context.cpp.

void ndn::mgmt::StatusDatasetContext::append ( const Block block)

append a Block to the response

std::domain_errorend or reject has been invoked

Definition at line 73 of file status-dataset-context.cpp.

References ndn::tlv::Content, content, ndn::encoding::makeBinaryBlock(), ndn::MAX_NDN_PACKET_SIZE, ndn::tlv::MetaInfo, ns3::ndn::Name, ndn::Block::size(), and ndn::Block::wire().

void ndn::mgmt::StatusDatasetContext::end ( )

end the response successfully after appending zero or more blocks

std::domain_errorreject has been invoked

Definition at line 100 of file status-dataset-context.cpp.

References ndn::tlv::Content, ndn::encoding::makeBinaryBlock(), ndn::tlv::MetaInfo, and ns3::ndn::Name.

void ndn::mgmt::StatusDatasetContext::reject ( const ControlResponse resp = ControlResponse().setCode(400))

declare the non-existence of a response

std::domain_errorappend or end has been invoked

This should be invoked when the incoming Interest is malformed. A producer-generated NACK will be returned to requester.

contentContent of producer-generated NACK

Definition at line 114 of file status-dataset-context.cpp.

References ndn::tlv::ContentType_Nack, ndn::Interest::getName(), ndn::tlv::MetaInfo, and ndn::mgmt::ControlResponse::wireEncode().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Dispatcher

Definition at line 103 of file status-dataset-context.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

NDN_CXX_PUBLIC_WITH_TESTS_ELSE_PRIVATE ndn::mgmt::StatusDatasetContext::__pad0__

Definition at line 97 of file status-dataset-context.hpp.

NDN_CXX_PUBLIC_WITH_TESTS_ELSE_PRIVATE const Block& ndn::mgmt::StatusDatasetContext::content

Definition at line 97 of file status-dataset-context.hpp.

Referenced by append().

NDN_CXX_PUBLIC_WITH_TESTS_ELSE_PRIVATE const Block const MetaInfo& metaInfo ndn::mgmt::StatusDatasetContext::DataSender

Definition at line 97 of file status-dataset-context.hpp.

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