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ndn::Transport Class Referenceabstract

#include <transport.hpp>

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class  Error

Public Types

typedef function< void(const Block &wire)> ReceiveCallback
typedef function< void()> ErrorCallback

Public Member Functions

 Transport ()
virtual ~Transport ()
virtual void connect (boost::asio::io_service &io_service, const ReceiveCallback &receiveCallback)
 Connect transport. More...
virtual void close ()=0
 Close the connection. More...
virtual void send (const Block &wire)=0
 Send block of data from. More...
virtual void send (const Block &header, const Block &payload)=0
 Alternative version of sending data, applying scatter/gather I/O concept. More...
virtual void pause ()=0
virtual void resume ()=0
bool isConnected ()
bool isExpectingData ()

Protected Member Functions

void receive (const Block &wire)

Protected Attributes

boost::asio::io_service * m_ioService
bool m_isConnected
bool m_isExpectingData
ReceiveCallback m_receiveCallback

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file transport.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef function<void (const Block& wire)> ndn::Transport::ReceiveCallback

Definition at line 42 of file transport.hpp.

typedef function<void ()> ndn::Transport::ErrorCallback

Definition at line 43 of file transport.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ndn::Transport::Transport ( )

Definition at line 107 of file transport.hpp.

ndn::Transport::~Transport ( )

Definition at line 127 of file transport.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void ndn::Transport::connect ( boost::asio::io_service &  io_service,
const ReceiveCallback receiveCallback 

Connect transport.

boost::system::system_errorif connection cannot be established

Reimplemented in ndn::UnixTransport, and ndn::TcpTransport.

Definition at line 132 of file transport.hpp.

References m_ioService, and m_receiveCallback.

Referenced by ndn::TcpTransport::connect(), and ndn::UnixTransport::connect().

virtual void ndn::Transport::close ( )
pure virtual

Close the connection.

Implemented in ndn::UnixTransport, ndn::TcpTransport, and ndn::util::DummyClientFace::Transport.

virtual void ndn::Transport::send ( const Block wire)
pure virtual

Send block of data from.

wirethrough the transport
wireA block of data to send

Implemented in ndn::UnixTransport, ndn::TcpTransport, and ndn::util::DummyClientFace::Transport.

virtual void ndn::Transport::send ( const Block header,
const Block payload 
pure virtual

Alternative version of sending data, applying scatter/gather I/O concept.

Two non-consecutive memory blocks will be send out together, e.g., as part of the same message in datagram-oriented transports.

Implemented in ndn::UnixTransport, ndn::util::DummyClientFace::Transport, and ndn::TcpTransport.

virtual void ndn::Transport::pause ( )
pure virtual
virtual void ndn::Transport::resume ( )
pure virtual
bool ndn::Transport::isConnected ( )

Definition at line 140 of file transport.hpp.

References m_isConnected.

bool ndn::Transport::isExpectingData ( )

Definition at line 146 of file transport.hpp.

References m_isExpectingData.

void ndn::Transport::receive ( const Block wire)

Definition at line 152 of file transport.hpp.

References m_receiveCallback.

Member Data Documentation

boost::asio::io_service* ndn::Transport::m_ioService

Definition at line 100 of file transport.hpp.

Referenced by connect(), and ndn::util::DummyClientFace::Transport::getIoService().

bool ndn::Transport::m_isConnected

Definition at line 101 of file transport.hpp.

Referenced by isConnected().

bool ndn::Transport::m_isExpectingData

Definition at line 102 of file transport.hpp.

Referenced by isExpectingData().

ReceiveCallback ndn::Transport::m_receiveCallback

Definition at line 103 of file transport.hpp.

Referenced by connect(), ndn::util::DummyClientFace::Transport::receive(), and receive().

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