NS-3 based Named Data Networking (NDN) simulator
ndnSIM 2.5: NDN, CCN, CCNx, content centric networks
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ns3::SimpleNetDevice Class Reference

#include <introspected-doxygen.hpp>

Detailed Description

Config Paths

ns3::SimpleNetDevice is accessible through the following paths with Config::Set and Config::Connect:

  • "/NodeList/[i]/DeviceList/[i]/$ns3::SimpleNetDevice"


  • ReceiveErrorModel: The receiver error model used to simulate packet loss
    • Set with class: ns3::PointerValue
    • Underlying type: ns3::Ptr< ns3::ErrorModel>
    • Initial value: 0
    • Flags: construct write read
  • PointToPointMode: The device is configured in Point to Point mode
    • Set with class: BooleanValue
    • Underlying type: bool
    • Initial value: false
    • Flags: construct write read
  • TxQueue: A queue to use as the transmit queue in the device.
  • DataRate: The default data rate for point to point links. Zero means infinite
    • Set with class: DataRateValue
    • Underlying type: DataRate
    • Initial value: 0bps
    • Flags: construct write read


  • PhyRxDrop: Trace source indicating a packet has been dropped by the device during reception
    Callback signature: ns3::Packet::TracedCallback

Size of this type is 184 bytes (on a 64-bit architecture).

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