NS-3 based Named Data Networking (NDN) simulator
ndnSIM 2.5: NDN, CCN, CCNx, content centric networks
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ns3::NetDeviceQueueInterface Class Reference

#include <introspected-doxygen.hpp>

Detailed Description

Introspection did not find any typical Config paths.


  • TxQueuesType: The type of transmission queues to be used
    • Set with class: TypeIdValue
    • Underlying type: TypeId
    • Initial value: ns3::NetDeviceQueue
    • Flags: construct
  • NTxQueues: The number of device transmission queues
    • Set with class: ns3::UintegerValue
    • Underlying type: uint16_t 1:65535
    • Initial value: 1
    • Flags: construct read

No TraceSources are defined for this type.
Size of this type is 120 bytes (on a 64-bit architecture).

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