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ns3::BasicEnergyHarvester Class Reference

#include <introspected-doxygen.hpp>

Detailed Description

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  • PeriodicHarvestedPowerUpdateInterval: Time between two consecutive periodic updates of the harvested power. By default, the value is updated every 1 s
    • Set with class: ns3::TimeValue
    • Underlying type: Time -9.22337e+18ns:+9.22337e+18ns
    • Initial value: +1e+09ns
    • Flags: construct write read
  • HarvestablePower: The harvestable power [Watts] that the energy harvester is allowed to harvest. By default, the model will allow to harvest an amount of power defined by a uniformly distributed random variable in 0 and 2.0 Watts


  • HarvestedPower: Harvested power by the BasicEnergyHarvester.
    Callback signature: ns3::TracedValueCallback::Double
  • TotalEnergyHarvested: Total energy harvested by the harvester.
    Callback signature: ns3::TracedValueCallback::Double

Size of this type is 160 bytes (on a 64-bit architecture).

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