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nfd::CsManager Class Reference

Implements the CS Management of NFD Management Protocol. More...

#include <cs-manager.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CsManager (cs::Cs &cs, const ForwarderCounters &fwCounters, Dispatcher &dispatcher, CommandAuthenticator &authenticator)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nfd::ManagerBase
virtual ~ManagerBase ()
const std::string & getModule () const

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr size_t ERASE_LIMIT = 256

Additional Inherited Members

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using ControlCommandHandler = std::function< void(const ControlCommand &command, const Name &prefix, const Interest &interest, const ControlParameters &parameters, const ndn::mgmt::CommandContinuation done)>
- Protected Member Functions inherited from nfd::ManagerBase
 ManagerBase (const std::string &module, Dispatcher &dispatcher)
 ManagerBase (const std::string &module, Dispatcher &dispatcher, CommandAuthenticator &authenticator)
template<typename Command >
void registerCommandHandler (const std::string &verb, const ControlCommandHandler &handler)
void registerStatusDatasetHandler (const std::string &verb, const ndn::mgmt::StatusDatasetHandler &handler)
ndn::mgmt::PostNotification registerNotificationStream (const std::string &verb)
void extractRequester (const Interest &interest, ndn::mgmt::AcceptContinuation accept)
 Extracts the requester from a ControlCommand request. More...

Detailed Description

Implements the CS Management of NFD Management Protocol.

See also

Definition at line 43 of file cs-manager.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CsManager()

nfd::CsManager::CsManager ( cs::Cs cs,
const ForwarderCounters fwCounters,
Dispatcher dispatcher,
CommandAuthenticator authenticator 

Definition at line 36 of file cs-manager.cpp.

References nfd::ManagerBase::registerStatusDatasetHandler().

Member Data Documentation


constexpr size_t nfd::CsManager::ERASE_LIMIT = 256

Definition at line 69 of file cs-manager.hpp.

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