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ndn::nfd::FaceQueryDataset Class Reference

represents a faces/query dataset More...

#include <status-dataset.hpp>

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Public Types

using ParamType = FaceQueryFilter
- Public Types inherited from ndn::nfd::FaceDatasetBase
using ResultType = std::vector< FaceStatus >
- Public Types inherited from ndn::nfd::StatusDataset
using ParamType = int
 if defined, specifies constructor argument type; otherwise, constructor has no argument More...
using ResultType = std::vector< int >
 provides the result type, usually a vector More...

Public Member Functions

 FaceQueryDataset (const FaceQueryFilter &filter)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ndn::nfd::FaceDatasetBase
ResultType parseResult (ConstBufferPtr payload) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ndn::nfd::StatusDataset
virtual ~StatusDataset ()
Name getDatasetPrefix (const Name &prefix) const
 constructs a name prefix for the dataset More...
ResultType parseResult (ConstBufferPtr payload) const
 parses a result from reassembled payload More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ndn::nfd::FaceDatasetBase
 FaceDatasetBase (const PartialName &datasetName)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ndn::nfd::StatusDataset
 StatusDataset (const PartialName &datasetName)
 constructs a StatusDataset instance with given sub-prefix More...

Detailed Description

represents a faces/query dataset

See also

Definition at line 160 of file status-dataset.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ParamType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FaceQueryDataset()

ndn::nfd::FaceQueryDataset::FaceQueryDataset ( const FaceQueryFilter filter)

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