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ndn::net::NetworkMonitorStub Class Reference

a stub NetworkMonitor for unit testing More...

#include <network-monitor-stub.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 NetworkMonitorStub (uint32_t capabilities)
 constructor More...
void addInterface (shared_ptr< NetworkInterface > netif)
 emit the onInterfaceAdded signal and add netif internally More...
void removeInterface (const std::string &ifname)
 emit the onInterfaceRemoved signal and remove netif internally More...
void emitEnumerationCompleted ()
 emit the onEnumerationCompleted signal More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ndn::net::NetworkMonitor
 NetworkMonitor (boost::asio::io_service &io)
 Construct instance, request enumeration of all network interfaces, and start monitoring for network state changes. More...
uint32_t getCapabilities () const
 Returns a bitwise OR'ed set of Capability flags supported on the current platform. More...
shared_ptr< const NetworkInterfacegetNetworkInterface (const std::string &ifname) const
 Returns the NetworkInterface with the given name, or nullptr if it does not exist. More...
NDN_CXX_NODISCARD std::vector< shared_ptr< const NetworkInterface > > listNetworkInterfaces () const
 Lists all network interfaces currently available on the system. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static shared_ptr< NetworkInterfacemakeNetworkInterface ()
 create a NetworkInterface instance More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ndn::net::NetworkMonitor
enum  Capability : uint32_t {
  CAP_NONE = 0, CAP_ENUM = 1 << 0, CAP_IF_ADD_REMOVE = 1 << 1, CAP_STATE_CHANGE = 1 << 2,
- Public Attributes inherited from ndn::net::NetworkMonitor
util::Signal< NetworkMonitorImpl > & onEnumerationCompleted
 Fires when the enumeration of all network interfaces on the system is complete. More...
util::Signal< NetworkMonitorImpl, shared_ptr< const NetworkInterface > > & onInterfaceAdded
 Fires whenever a new interface is detected on the system. More...
util::Signal< NetworkMonitorImpl, shared_ptr< const NetworkInterface > > & onInterfaceRemoved
 Fires whenever an interface disappears from the system. More...
util::Signal< NetworkMonitorImpl > & onNetworkStateChanged
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ndn::net::NetworkMonitor
 NetworkMonitor (unique_ptr< NetworkMonitorImpl > impl)
NetworkMonitorImplgetImpl ()

Detailed Description

a stub NetworkMonitor for unit testing

Definition at line 34 of file network-monitor-stub.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NetworkMonitorStub()

ndn::net::NetworkMonitorStub::NetworkMonitorStub ( uint32_t  capabilities)


capabilitiescapabilities reported by getCapabilities

Definition at line 102 of file network-monitor-stub.cpp.

References ndn::net::NetworkMonitor::getImpl().

Member Function Documentation

◆ makeNetworkInterface()

shared_ptr< NetworkInterface > ndn::net::NetworkMonitorStub::makeNetworkInterface ( )

◆ addInterface()

void ndn::net::NetworkMonitorStub::addInterface ( shared_ptr< NetworkInterface netif)

emit the onInterfaceAdded signal and add netif internally

netifnew network interface
getNetworkInterface(netif->getName()) == netif
listNetworkInterface() contains netif
std::invalid_argumenta network interface with same name already exists

Definition at line 120 of file network-monitor-stub.cpp.

References ndn::net::NetworkMonitorImplStub::addInterface(), and nonstd::optional_lite::std11::move().

◆ removeInterface()

void ndn::net::NetworkMonitorStub::removeInterface ( const std::string &  ifname)

emit the onInterfaceRemoved signal and remove netif internally

ifnamenetwork interface name
getNetworkInterface(ifname) == nullptr
listNetworkInterface() does not contains an interface with specified name
If specified interface name does not exist, this operation has no effect.

Definition at line 126 of file network-monitor-stub.cpp.

References ndn::net::NetworkMonitorImplStub::removeInterface().

◆ emitEnumerationCompleted()

void ndn::net::NetworkMonitorStub::emitEnumerationCompleted ( )

emit the onEnumerationCompleted signal

A real NetworkMonitor starts with an "enumerating" state, during which the initial information about network interfaces is collected from the OS. Upon discovering a network interface, it emits the onInterfaceAdded signal. When the initial enumerating completes, it emits the onEnumerationCompleted signal.

To simulate this procedure on a newly constructed MockNetworkMonitor, the caller should invoke addInterface once for each network interface that already exists, and then invoke signalEnumerationCompleted .

Definition at line 132 of file network-monitor-stub.cpp.

References ndn::net::NetworkMonitorImplStub::emitEnumerationCompleted().

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