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ndn::lp::PrefixAnnouncement Class Reference

represents a Prefix Announcement More...

#include <prefix-announcement.hpp>


class  Error

Public Member Functions

 PrefixAnnouncement ()
 PrefixAnnouncement (const Block &block)
 PrefixAnnouncement (shared_ptr< const Data > data)
template<encoding::Tag TAG>
size_t wireEncode (EncodingImpl< TAG > &encoder) const
void wireDecode (const Block &wire)
Name getAnnouncedName () const
 Get announced name. More...
shared_ptr< const DatagetData () const
PrefixAnnouncementsetData (shared_ptr< const Data > data)

Detailed Description

represents a Prefix Announcement

This type wraps a Data, and is intended for self-learning. The Name of Data starts with /self-learning prefix, ends with a version component, and the components in the middle refer to the announced name prefix. The MetaInfo and Content of the Data must be empty.

Definition at line 40 of file prefix-announcement.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PrefixAnnouncement() [1/3]

ndn::lp::PrefixAnnouncement::PrefixAnnouncement ( )

◆ PrefixAnnouncement() [2/3]

ndn::lp::PrefixAnnouncement::PrefixAnnouncement ( const Block block)

Definition at line 34 of file prefix-announcement.cpp.

References wireDecode().

◆ PrefixAnnouncement() [3/3]

ndn::lp::PrefixAnnouncement::PrefixAnnouncement ( shared_ptr< const Data data)

Definition at line 39 of file prefix-announcement.cpp.

References setData().

Member Function Documentation

◆ wireEncode()

template<encoding::Tag TAG>
size_t ndn::lp::PrefixAnnouncement::wireEncode ( EncodingImpl< TAG > &  encoder) const

Definition at line 46 of file prefix-announcement.cpp.

References ndn::lp::tlv::PrefixAnnouncement.

◆ wireDecode()

void ndn::lp::PrefixAnnouncement::wireDecode ( const Block wire)

◆ getAnnouncedName()

Name ndn::lp::PrefixAnnouncement::getAnnouncedName ( ) const

◆ getData()

shared_ptr<const Data> ndn::lp::PrefixAnnouncement::getData ( ) const

Definition at line 75 of file prefix-announcement.hpp.

◆ setData()

PrefixAnnouncement & ndn::lp::PrefixAnnouncement::setData ( shared_ptr< const Data data)

Definition at line 83 of file prefix-announcement.cpp.

References ndn::lp::SELF_LEARNING_PREFIX.

Referenced by PrefixAnnouncement(), and wireDecode().

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