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nfd::face::Face Class Referencefinal

generalization of a network interface More...

#include <face.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Face (unique_ptr< LinkService > service, unique_ptr< Transport > transport)
LinkServicegetLinkService () const
TransportgetTransport () const
void sendInterest (const Interest &interest)
 sends Interest on Face More...
void sendData (const Data &data)
 sends Data on Face More...
void sendNack (const lp::Nack &nack)
 sends Nack on Face More...
FaceId getId () const
void setId (FaceId id)
 sets face ID More...
void setMetric (uint64_t metric)
uint64_t getMetric () const
FaceUri getLocalUri () const
FaceUri getRemoteUri () const
ndn::nfd::FaceScope getScope () const
ndn::nfd::FacePersistency getPersistency () const
void setPersistency (ndn::nfd::FacePersistency persistency)
 changes face persistency setting More...
ndn::nfd::LinkType getLinkType () const
FaceState getState () const
time::steady_clock::TimePoint getExpirationTime () const
void close ()
 request the face to be closed More...
const FaceCountersgetCounters () const

Public Attributes

signal::Signal< LinkService, Interest > & afterReceiveInterest
 signals on Interest received More...
signal::Signal< LinkService, Data > & afterReceiveData
 signals on Data received More...
signal::Signal< LinkService, lp::Nack > & afterReceiveNack
 signals on Nack received More...
signal::Signal< LinkService, Interest > & onDroppedInterest
 signals on Interest dropped by reliability system for exceeding allowed number of retx More...
signal::Signal< Transport, FaceState, FaceState > & afterStateChange
 signals after face state changed More...

Detailed Description

generalization of a network interface

A face generalizes a network interface. It provides best-effort network-layer packet delivery services on a physical interface, an overlay tunnel, or a link to a local application.

A face combines two parts: LinkService and Transport. Transport is the lower part, which provides best-effort TLV block deliveries. LinkService is the upper part, which translates between network-layer packets and TLV blocks, and may provide additional services such as fragmentation and reassembly.

Definition at line 67 of file face.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Face()

nfd::face::Face::Face ( unique_ptr< LinkService service,
unique_ptr< Transport transport 

Definition at line 31 of file face.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getLinkService()

LinkService * nfd::face::Face::getLinkService ( ) const

Definition at line 203 of file face.hpp.

◆ getTransport()

shared_ptr< Transport > ndn::Face::getTransport ( ) const

Definition at line 209 of file face.hpp.

◆ sendInterest()

void nfd::face::Face::sendInterest ( const Interest interest)

sends Interest on Face

Definition at line 215 of file face.hpp.

◆ sendData()

void nfd::face::Face::sendData ( const Data data)

sends Data on Face

Definition at line 221 of file face.hpp.

◆ sendNack()

void nfd::face::Face::sendNack ( const lp::Nack nack)

sends Nack on Face

Definition at line 227 of file face.hpp.

◆ getId()

◆ setId()

void nfd::face::Face::setId ( FaceId  id)

sets face ID

Normally, this should only be invoked by FaceTable.

Definition at line 239 of file face.hpp.

◆ setMetric()

void nfd::face::Face::setMetric ( uint64_t  metric)

Definition at line 245 of file face.hpp.

◆ getMetric()

uint64_t nfd::face::Face::getMetric ( ) const

Definition at line 251 of file face.hpp.

◆ getLocalUri()

FaceUri nfd::face::Face::getLocalUri ( ) const
a FaceUri representing local endpoint

Definition at line 257 of file face.hpp.

◆ getRemoteUri()

FaceUri nfd::face::Face::getRemoteUri ( ) const
a FaceUri representing remote endpoint

Definition at line 263 of file face.hpp.

◆ getScope()

ndn::nfd::FaceScope nfd::face::Face::getScope ( ) const
whether face is local or non-local for scope control purpose

Definition at line 269 of file face.hpp.

Referenced by nfd::fw::AdmitLocalUnsolicitedDataPolicy::decide(), nfd::fw::AdmitNetworkUnsolicitedDataPolicy::decide(), and nfd::fw::wouldViolateScope().

◆ getPersistency()

ndn::nfd::FacePersistency nfd::face::Face::getPersistency ( ) const
face persistency setting

Definition at line 275 of file face.hpp.

◆ setPersistency()

void nfd::face::Face::setPersistency ( ndn::nfd::FacePersistency  persistency)

changes face persistency setting

Definition at line 281 of file face.hpp.

◆ getLinkType()

ndn::nfd::LinkType nfd::face::Face::getLinkType ( ) const
whether face is point-to-point or multi-access

Definition at line 287 of file face.hpp.

Referenced by nfd::fw::MulticastStrategy::afterReceiveInterest(), and nfd::fw::isNextHopEligible().

◆ getState()

FaceState nfd::face::Face::getState ( ) const
face state

Definition at line 293 of file face.hpp.

◆ getExpirationTime()

time::steady_clock::TimePoint nfd::face::Face::getExpirationTime ( ) const
expiration time of the face
Return values
time::steady_clock::TimePoint::max()the face has an indefinite lifetime

Definition at line 299 of file face.hpp.

◆ close()

void nfd::face::Face::close ( )

request the face to be closed

This operation is effective only if face is in UP or DOWN state, otherwise it has no effect. The face changes state to CLOSING, and performs cleanup procedure. The state will be changed to CLOSED when cleanup is complete, which may happen synchronously or asynchronously.

the face must not be deallocated until its state changes to CLOSED

Definition at line 305 of file face.hpp.

◆ getCounters()

const FaceCounters & nfd::face::Face::getCounters ( ) const

Definition at line 311 of file face.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ afterReceiveInterest

signal::Signal<LinkService, Interest>& nfd::face::Face::afterReceiveInterest

signals on Interest received

Definition at line 100 of file face.hpp.

◆ afterReceiveData

signal::Signal<LinkService, Data>& nfd::face::Face::afterReceiveData

signals on Data received

Definition at line 104 of file face.hpp.

◆ afterReceiveNack

signal::Signal<LinkService, lp::Nack>& nfd::face::Face::afterReceiveNack

signals on Nack received

Definition at line 108 of file face.hpp.

◆ onDroppedInterest

signal::Signal<LinkService, Interest>& nfd::face::Face::onDroppedInterest

signals on Interest dropped by reliability system for exceeding allowed number of retx

Definition at line 112 of file face.hpp.

◆ afterStateChange

signal::Signal<Transport, FaceState, FaceState>& nfd::face::Face::afterStateChange

signals after face state changed

Definition at line 170 of file face.hpp.

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