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ndn::time::steady_clock Class Reference

Steady clock. More...

#include <time.hpp>

Public Types

typedef nanoseconds duration
typedef duration::rep rep
typedef duration::period period
typedef boost::chrono::time_point< steady_clocktime_point
typedef time_point TimePoint
typedef duration Duration

Static Public Member Functions

static time_point now () noexcept

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr bool is_steady = true


struct boost::asio::time_traits< steady_clock >

Detailed Description

Steady clock.

Steady clock represents a monotonic clock. The time points of this clock cannot decrease as physical time moves forward. This clock is not related to wall clock time, and is best suitable for measuring intervals.

Definition at line 99 of file time.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

§ duration

typedef nanoseconds ndn::time::steady_clock::duration

Definition at line 102 of file time.hpp.

§ rep

typedef duration::rep ndn::time::steady_clock::rep

Definition at line 103 of file time.hpp.

§ period

typedef duration::period ndn::time::steady_clock::period

Definition at line 104 of file time.hpp.

§ time_point

typedef boost::chrono::time_point<steady_clock> ndn::time::steady_clock::time_point

Definition at line 105 of file time.hpp.

§ TimePoint

Definition at line 108 of file time.hpp.

§ Duration

Definition at line 109 of file time.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

§ now()

Friends And Related Function Documentation

§ boost::asio::time_traits< steady_clock >

friend struct boost::asio::time_traits< steady_clock >

Definition at line 126 of file time.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

§ is_steady

constexpr bool ndn::time::steady_clock::is_steady = true

Definition at line 106 of file time.hpp.

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