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ndn::PendingInterest Class Reference

#include <pending-interest.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef function< void(const Interest &, Data &)> OnData
typedef function< void(const Interest &)> OnTimeout

Public Member Functions

 PendingInterest (shared_ptr< const Interest > interest, const OnData &onData, const OnTimeout &onTimeout, Scheduler &scheduler)
 Create a new PitEntry and set the timeout based on the current time and the interest lifetime. More...
const InterestgetInterest () const
void invokeDataCallback (const Data &data)
 invokes the DataCallback More...
void setDeleter (const std::function< void()> &deleter)
 Set cleanup function to be called after interest times out. More...

Detailed Description

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef function<void(const Interest&, Data&)> ndn::PendingInterest::OnData

Definition at line 37 of file pending-interest.hpp.

typedef function<void(const Interest&)> ndn::PendingInterest::OnTimeout

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ndn::PendingInterest::PendingInterest ( shared_ptr< const Interest interest,
const OnData onData,
const OnTimeout onTimeout,
Scheduler &  scheduler 

Create a new PitEntry and set the timeout based on the current time and the interest lifetime.

interestA shared_ptr for the interest
onDataA function object to call when a matching data packet is received.
onTimeoutA function object to call if the interest times out. If onTimeout is an empty OnTimeout(), this does not use it.
schedulerScheduler instance to use to schedule a timeout event. The scheduled event will be automatically cancelled when pending interest is destroyed.

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Member Function Documentation

const Interest& ndn::PendingInterest::getInterest ( ) const
the Interest

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void ndn::PendingInterest::invokeDataCallback ( const Data data)

invokes the DataCallback

If the DataCallback is an empty function, this method does nothing.

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void ndn::PendingInterest::setDeleter ( const std::function< void()> &  deleter)

Set cleanup function to be called after interest times out.

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